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Commercial Caulking and
Sealant Services

Prevent moisture and external elements from damaging your commercial structure with caulking. Caulk is a waterproof sealant and filler, designed to close any openings and prevent drafts, pollution, dust, insects, water – even noise – from being a bother.

LRT uses trained professionals to either add caulk or replace old caulk with new. As caulking ages, it can lose effectiveness. Our experts use high-quality materials to caulk windows, joints, and other vulnerable areas, ensuring commercial structures remain stable and up to date as per manufacturing and industry guidelines.

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Commercial Caulking FAQs

What’s included in our commercial caulking services?

LRT will remove any old sealant used, prepare the surface accordingly to ensure the longevity of the material, and apply new caulk. We work with exterior caulking to seal window frames and sills, masonry, door frames, inside corners, and more. Any exterior part of your building that consists of two dissimilar materials should have caulking to prevent future water damage.

How often should commercial caulking be replaced?

We recommend caulking be replaced at least every five years, though this can vary based on location. Commercial caulking acts as a protective shell, which means that it experiences wear and tear at a faster rate. Seasonal temperatures can cause expansion and contraction, which can cause deterioration, and lead to a loss in elasticity. When left unmaintained, old caulk can result in water damage.