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Structural Repairs & Restoration

Structural restoration and strengthening involves the repair, maintenance, and improvement of any built structure. Damage is often found on elevated slabs, flooring, foundations, parking garages, and other structural elements. Experienced professionals can provide long-lasting concrete preservation, rehabilitation, and repair utilizing appropriate restoration technologies.

A structural repair and restoration process involves a trained professional reviewing a commercial structure for current damage and future weaknesses. After the review, the professional will provide a plan on how to restore a structure to an improved version of its original state. Repairs include parking structure traffic coating, expansion joint and sealant restoration and repair, plaza waterproofing replacement and repair, slab, beam, column and wall replacement and repair, concrete balcony restoration, CFRP Structural Strengthening, Epoxy Injection, and many other services.

Because of the important nature of structural repair projects, LRT’s team is extremely thorough. Our goal is to quickly restore your commercial structure to a stronger, superior version of its original state.

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Structural Restoration and Strengthening Services

Water attacks steel reinforcement in a buildings concrete causing it to rust away a the strength of its infrastructure. When a building is suffering from severe water damage, LRT uses a team to scan substrates for moisture penetration and recommend steps to prevent future erosion. Concrete is sounded to mark areas in need of repair, and sealants can also be used to prevent further water intrusion.

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Structural Repairs FAQs

What are the benefits of structural restoration?

Commercial structural repairs and restoration typically cost far less than replacing material. The repair process also means professionals can identify any future issues and address those in the same project.

What is typically included in structural repair services?

Structural repair and restoration services vary enormously depending on the needs of the project. LRT professionals always start their work by evaluating the structure. This process identifies any problems caused by age or weather driven corrosion and also identifies future issues. After these problems have been noted, LRT can proceed with a custom repair solution.

What are the most common kinds of repairs?

LRT has dealt with a wide variety of repair and restoration jobs. From galvanic puck placement to wholesale replacement of precast planks in parking structures, LRT has the technical expertise and hard working Operations Teams to take on the most complicated repair scenarios commercial structures can present.

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