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Facade Restoration
and Repair

The exterior of a building is the most visible and marketable aspect of a property. Maintaining the building envelope to prevent and repair leaks or other intrusions protects the property from significant damage.

LRT Restoration has years of experience in commercial building repairs, and our experts have been trained in facade restoration and stabilization. Our team has worked with every type of facade in the past: brick, stucco, EIFS, concrete, and more. Our services include an initial survey in which we make note of even small issues, because small issues can turn into major leaks, which could lead to more damage. We also partner with engineers when necessary for exploratory work to help diagnose air and water leak issues.

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Facade Restoration Services

Block and Stone Repair

Brick Tuckpointing

Caulking Replacement

Elastomeric Coatings

Epoxy Injection

Façade Restoration

Precast Concrete Repairs

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GFRC and Historic Replication

Historic Building Restoration

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Facade Repair FAQs

What all is covered in LRT’s facade restoration services?

LRT Restoration uses experts to restore your commercial facade to its original glory. The following are all available in our building envelope and facade repair services:

Emergency leak repairs:

  • Repointing
  • Facade cleaning
  • Balcony repairs
  • Terra cotta, stone, and concrete repair
  • Sealants
  • Stucco replacement and repair
  • Caulking
  • Wet sealing
  • Exterior assessments

What are the major steps of a facade restoration process?

Typically, services will start with an assessment of the facade’s structure; determining what materials have been used to make the facade, how structurally sound it is, and any minor defects is very important.

LRT will then consult with a design team to develop a custom repair plan, after which specific tools will be brought and materials will be made (for example, stainless spirals can be manufactured and installed to bind together masonry wythes).

Another evaluation will be conducted after restoration is complete to ensure the structure has been restored to peak strength.

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