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Liners & Coatings for
Construction and More

No matter the commercial structure, liners and coatings are a must-have. Protective coatings defend a building or parking lot from weather, water damage, and corrosion. The best type of liner varies depending on where it needs to be applied; parking lots structures require watertight solutions that can handle the regular wear and tear of foot and vehicle traffic; decks need a waterproof, UV-stable solution that binds to either wood, concrete, or another type of decking material; industrial flooring might require slip- and chemical-resistance coatings.

No matter the commercial structure, LRT’s specialists have years of experience analyzing a structure to determine the best coating fit. Our specialists evaluate the project and determine a custom solution that will best help prolong the life of your industrial space.

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Construction Coating & Liners FAQs

What are the benefits of using a coating or lining?

Not only do construction coatings protect a structure from water damage, but certain linings (like linings applied to concrete) defend against acid, solvent, fuel, and oil damage. These coatings are also customizable and come in a wide variety of colors that both look good and extend a structure’s lifespan.

What’s the difference between a coating and a lining?

Protective linings are usually used on surfaces that are exposed to higher levels of chemical or mechanical danger. Where coatings for construction can range from water-borne, to solvent-born, to solventless, linings typically come in chemical configurations like polyesters or epoxies. This is why linings are typically used at steel plants, nuclear facilities, or paper mills, whereas coatings are typically used on bridges or parking structures.