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Traffic Coatings

Traffic coating is a multi layered system of material applied to protect concrete from vehicular or pedestrian traffic. It’s used to defend against any moisture or chemicals that would ordinarily result in corrosion of the reinforcing steel and deterioration of the concrete substrate. Traffic coatings also include light-reflective material, slip-resistant properties to help with pedestrians and cars, and construction joint treatments that allow for thermal contraction and expansion protection.

Proper use of traffic coatings in parking garages, plazas, balconies, or other walkways prolongs the structure’s lifespan and guard against water infiltration into tenant space. It can also reduce the cost of long-term concrete repair or restoration services. LRT’s services are efficient, ensuring minimal downtime for parking facilities or wherever the project takes place.

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What are the pros and cons of traffic coatings?

There are benefits and drawbacks of adding traffic coatings to your parking garage or structure. The following are the main pros:

  • Prevents water infiltration through the coated surface
  • Building materials are protected from users—vehicles and people—and the elements
  • Surface repair costs are significantly reduced
  • Increase in material’s lifespan

The following are potential negatives of traffic coating services:

  • Cost for materials and professional services can be high
  • Locating the best certified service can take time
  • Downtime for structure can be irritating for users
  • Coating Systems require maintenance

When should I use traffic coatings?

If you own or manage a parking garage, plaza, or location that experiences heavy road or foot traffic, you should consider traffic coating services. Traffic coating is your first line of defense against weather and people, and can protect against water, frost, and impact damage.

Are there different kinds of traffic coatings?

Yes. There are many different kinds of traffic coatings. Consider type works best for your structure when picking the best coating for you.

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