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Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Services for Concrete

Carbon fiber strengthening systems are often made of dry, aerospace-grade fabric. They are known for having a high strength to weight ratio, which makes them very durable. Apply the application of carbon fiber reinforcements to the surface of buildings, bridges, or other commercial structures will restore lost loading capacity of structural components and extend the buildings lifespan. Doing so increases structural performance at a relatively economical price.

Carbon fiber reinforcements are also unobtrusive and subtle to not take away from the structure’s aesthetic appearance. Due to the lightweight nature of the fabric, it strengthens without adding weight. Carbon fiber reinforcing services are perfect for improving the durability of structures while maintaining a low profile and not interfering with the look of the structure.

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Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Services FAQs

Where are carbon fiber reinforcements used?

Carbon fiber reinforcements can be added to any number of structures for a variety of purposes including:

  • Improving the strength of concrete pipes, tunnels, or silos
  • Improving the seismic capability of concrete columns
  • Increasing the seismic performance of masonry or sheer walls
  • Improving the load-bearing capacity of slabs, walls, columns, or concrete beams
  • Restoring structural capacity of concrete buildings, slabs, or other structures
  • Carbon fiber reinforcements are also known for being flexible, which makes them the ideal tool to use in tight spaces or odd angles.

How strong are carbon fiber reinforcements?

Carbon fiber reinforcements are typically 10 times the strength of ordinary steel.

How long do carbon fiber reinforcing services take?

The construction process for carbon fiber reinforcements is usually short, though this varies from project to project. Carbon Fiber application allows owners to complete projects efficiently and can shorten the schedule of many projects that may be considering other methods of supplemental reinforcement.