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Commercial Expansion Joint Replacement and Repair

Concrete slabs expand and contract due to deflection and temperature changes. Expansion joints are mid-structure separations designed to help relieve stress on building materials. Expansion joints also allow for more slab flexibility and reduces chances of future cracks. This is because expansion joints are dynamic and allow for expansion and contraction.

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Concrete Expansion Joint Repair and Replacement FAQs

What are the main benefits of expansion joint replacement?

There are many benefits to maintaining and replacing expansion joints. The following are the most common:

  • Joints usually provide another 25% flexibility to help structures better handle expansion and contraction
  • Repair compounds are typically stronger than concrete and have better resistance to abrasions, chemicals, and impact damage
  • Preventative maintenance saves money on repairs in the long-term.

Should concrete expansion joints be replaced?

All concrete expansion joints will eventually need to be replaced. Wind, thermal expansion, seismic events, and other natural occurrences can cause aging. As the joint ages, it will lose flexibility, which will result in more cracks. The old joints will need to be replaced for the concrete floor to maintain integrity. Industrial and commercial concrete floors require more supervision because they are exposed to higher levels of stress.

Replacement and repair projects include removing the old joint systems, clearing debris, and installing the new expansion joint system. Due to the technical nature of the process, LRT always uses experienced professionals to ensure quality results.