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Plaza Deck Maintenance & Repair

A plaza deck usually consists of a concrete deck, waterproofing membrane, insulation, and hardscape and/or landscaping. Since a plaza deck acts as both the roof and the floor, it undergoes harsh conditions and requires regular maintenance to ensure its stability. If either the drainage system or the waterproofing membrane become compromised, the commercial structure could suffer serious structural and leak damage. Plaza deck waterproofing and repairs ensure that exposure to weather, moisture, and thermal changes don’t lead to deterioration.

LRT Restoration has years of experience in working on commercial structures. Our specialists are trained to work efficiently, ensuring little downtime during construction while still restoring your plaza deck to its original form.

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Plaza Deck Repair FAQs

Why should I regularly maintain my plaza deck?

Maintenance is almost always an annoyance; since a plaza/amenity deck is regularly used by lots of people, having it closed for repair services can be inconvenient. However, since decks are exposed to not only the elements, but also foot traffic and possibly automobile traffic, it’s important to ensure they are well-maintained. Poor maintenance could cause deterioration and cracks, which ultimately results in a much higher maintenance or repair bill.

What’s covered in LRT’s plaza deck maintenance and repair services?

LRT’s specialists will always start with reviewing a plaza deck for areas of leaking and underperformance. Specifically, they’ll check for signs of water damage (looking for mineral deposits, deteriorated concrete, water intrusion and suspicious leak patterns), or other signs of deterioration.

Once the specialist has an understanding of the state of the deck, they will make sure a proper waterproofing and drainage system is recommended. LRT can also be your concrete placement solutions for hardscape areas of the plaza that need to be replaced as part of the restoration efforts, as well as fountains, pavers, landscaping and fixtures.

The following are also included in our plaza deck maintenance services if and when necessary:

  • Concrete repair
  • Sealant repair
  • Hot applied waterproofing systems
  • Cold fluid-applied waterproofing systems
  • Caulking
  • Pavement repair
  • Sealants
  • IN Situ Leak Detection Systems