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Traffic Coating Services

Use traffic coatings to protect high-traffic concrete structures from moisture and chemicals. Traffic coatings are specialized layers that once applied can prolong the life of a parking garage, plaza, balcony or other walkway, and keep it protected from pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The use of this coating not only protects surfaces from deterioration, but also reduces long-term repair and maintenance costs.

Various types of traffic coatings are available. Some include slip-resistance properties, materials that reflect light, and materials that protect against thermal contraction and expansion.

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Traffic Coatings FAQs

What kind of traffic coating should I use?

The answer to this question varies enormously. Consider how old your concrete structure is, how much traffic it gets, and how extreme the weather is. The older the structure, the higher the traffic, and the more extreme the weather, the more likely LRT is to recommend a more expensive, more durable solution.

The type of traffic coating you choose also depends on if you wish to have any special features (slip resistance, reflective material), and if you would like a specific aesthetic for your concrete structure. Please contact us to learn more about the best traffic coating for you.

Are there other names for traffic coatings?

Yes. Traffic coatings are also referred to as vehicular coatings, specialty coatings, primers, under tile systems, and pedestrian coatings.