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Tuckpointing Brick & Mortar Repair

Time and exposure to the elements result in bricks and stones becoming compromised. Small issues can be dealt with using tuckpointing. Tuckpointing (also called “tuck pointing” or just “pointing”) is a service used to repair or finish mortar joints between stones or bricks. Lime putty or a fine lime mortar is typically used to connect materials. This technique prevents leaks, reduces drafts, and prolongs the lifespan of brick walls, chimneys, and other stone and mortar structures.

Since tuckpointing can be invaluable in increasing the lifespan of a commercial structure, it’s a service best done by the professionals. That’s where LRT has you covered. We have years of experience restoring commercial brick, block, and stone structures.

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Tuckpointing Services FAQs

When should I get tuckpointing?

Mortar lasts around 20-30 years. Since Ohio can experience such extreme temperatures, it might be better to contact a professional sooner rather than later.

After those first decades, you should consider contacting a professional to examine if your building requires tuckpointing. Look for signs of mortar damage such as places where mortar joints are cracked, partially missing, or broken. Tuckpointing is best performed proactively and before repair is obviously needed, which is why it can be helpful to consult with a specialist.

What are the advantages of tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing helps improve a commercial structure’s aesthetic appeal. It also does the following:

  • Improve the building’s structural stability
  • Prevent moisture damage
  • Prolong the lifespan of a building for a lower cost

Is there a difference between tuckpointing and repointing?

Yes, there is a difference, though tuckpointing and repointing are very similar. Both services seek to stabilize brickwork by adding mortar and preventing water damage.

The two differ in that repointing replaces mortar with a mortar of a similar color to the pre-existing material. Tuckpointing uses mortar that contrasts with the building to add extra aesthetic flair.

May want to add a section on cleaning and resealing brick. These often go hand in hand with tuckpointing.