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Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection services can repair cracks in concrete columns, walls, piers, and more. When used properly, injection can restore structures to their original strength. Epoxy injection is a cost-effective way to revitalize commercial structures without having to involve costly removal or replacement services.

The whole process involves a trained professional locating the cause of the crack, determining the best materials based on the crack’s size—placing injection ports at regular intervals over the crack, troweling an epoxy paste over the crack between the ports, high pressure injection of the cracks, and removal of the ports and cured epoxy paste from the surface. Once complete, the structure will be not only restored to its original strength, but it will also be better protected from future deterioration.

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How does epoxy injection work?

Epoxy injection works by structurally bonding the structural beam, column, wall or slab back together. This effectively turns the cracked structural component into a monolithic structure, making it as strong as it was before.

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